Compressed Air Services

Our engineers find that 48% of our clients' compressed air systems are wasting energy from poor system design and or outdated equipment.  These types of mistakes can be fixed fairly quickly and cost-effectively with often a payback in the two-year range or better.

Compressed Air System Optimization

is a key service we provide to let our clients know just how efficient their compressed air system is.  We find too many clients are stuck in their beliefs, and their dated equipment and mindsets cost them thousands monthly in additional energy costs.

Our process is simple, we monitor your compressors for 1 - 2 weeks and review your plant’s entire compressed air system.  We use the data from our 1 - 2 week study and our review to drive our recommendations.  We often get your utility to help pay for up to 50% of the cost of this work.


Compressed Air Leak Audits

Walking around your plants or shop on a Sunday when it is quiet to listen and repair leaks will help find about 10% of the plant’s total leaks. Ultrasonic leak detection equipment is required along with someone who knows what they are doing to find the remaining 90%.  


If you are not having a professional leak audit every year, and your company has over 100-HP of compressor operating 24 x 5, your company is wasting a lot of money.  Did you know there is a good chance your utility will pay for a professional leak audit, and some utilities (DTE and Consumers Energy) pay 100% of the costs?  


Compressed air leaks account for on average 30% of the horsepower of your compressor system, when leaks are ignored for too long they begin to multiply.  How much are leaks costing your company? Our data support that for every 100-horsepower compressor operating (24 x 5 - 10-cents), leaks are costing $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 annually for companies who choose to ignore professional leak audit services.  What are leaks costing your company?

Compressed Air System Optimization

Unfortunately, not all compressor rooms are designed to be energy efficient.  Even worse, too many of our clients have the wrong ideas on how to fix this issue.  Compressed air is easily one of the most wasteful utility expenses you may have.  

It starts with the compressors, moves to piping, air storage, nozzles, and then leaks.  We start our review in your compressor room and work our way out into the plant.  It is not uncommon for us to find a manufacturing plant with 4 - 300HP compressors with three operating 24 x 6 and the 4th as a backup.  After our optimization program, the same plant is operating 2 - 300HP compressors and has one 300-HP backup, saving large amounts of energy and reducing maintenance costs.  It pays to have a good engineering design.


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