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Compressed air is generally the most wasteful and expensive utility in a manufacturing plant.

Our team has found that compressed air leaks make up 30% of the energy used by your compressed air system.

Compressed Air System Optimization

is a key service we provide to let our clients know just how efficient their compressed air system is.  We find too many clients are stuck in their beliefs, and their dated equipment and mindsets cost them thousands monthly in additional energy costs.

Our process is simple, we monitor your compressors for 1 - 2 weeks and review your plant’s entire compressed air system.  We use the data from our 1 - 2 week study and our review to drive our recommendations.  We often get your utility to help pay for up to 50% of the cost of this work.

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Compressed Air Leak Audits

Compressed air leaks account for approximately 30% of your compressor system's total horsepower. When leaks are ignored for too long they begin to multiply.  

Walking around your plant on a Sunday when it is quiet to listen and repair leaks will help find about 10% of the plant’s total leaks. Ultrasonic Leak Detection Equipment and a trained Leak Technician are required to find the other 90% of the leaks.


Did you know there is a good chance your utility will pay for a professional leak audit?


Our data supports that for every 100-horsepower compressor operating (24 x 5 - 10-cents), leaks are costing $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 annually for companies who choose to ignore professional leak audit services.  What are leaks costing your company?

Compressed Air AI Software

Advance AI Software is now available for your compressed air system. This software is constantly working to optimize your compressed air system.

This 360° Solution will automatically optimize your air compressor system to run smarter - not harder. This software will work with all major compressor manufacturers and is designed or work with existing controls software, and often saves an additional 30% plus in costs.

Whether it is air leaks, condensation, time for an oil change, or the system discovering recommendations on what you can do to make your CA system more efficient; it's all reported to you weekly through the advanced AI Software. 

Risk-Free implementation with immediate ROI. With an affordable capital investment, our intergraded platform takes less than a week to get up and running with no system downtime. 

Is your compressed air system taking up to much of your time and money? 

Please contact us to learn more about how 360° Advanced AI Software.

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