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Facility Wellness

Sink Pipe

Our Facility Wellness approach is a lot like it sounds.  We give your facility a total check-up with the primary goal of eliminating energy waste, reducing equipment downtime, and increasing productivity.  We believe if you know more, you can do more.

Facility Wellness is the following:


  1. Reduce Energy Waste - Primary Focus  

  2. Providing more and timely feedback/data on your operations.  

  3. Improve Operational Efficiencies - if your equipment is not breaking down, your operational efficiency will improve.  We can inform you with a text message or email when a manufacturing machine, motor, or compressor has reached a preset threshold with our sensor technologies.   

  4. Making your business more productive and sustainable. 

  5. Makes your Team Members job more enjoyable, rewarding, and less stressful.

Ultimately– Facility Wellness encompasses everything Energy Design Engineers does to improve your bottom line and operations

Why Change?

Taking better care of your workforce/team and reducing energy waste are two great reasons to change your plant's lighting from fluorescent to LED with NLC.  Today, every dollar counts, and businesses are under constant pressure to cut costs and find new ways to profit.  


There is a good chance that energy makes up 20% of your company’s monthly operating budget.  What effort has your company put into energy waste reduction?  Who have you called to help?  


Over the past 10 years, electricity prices have been going up, while over this same period of time, the costs of coal and natural gas–the two major fuel sources for electric generation–have gone down.


The costs of electricity will continue to increase as local and federal regulations and budgets make it almost impossible to add new power plants. This is why for the past five years there has been such a big push among the utilities to implement energy-saving measures and provide incentives for their clients to be more energy efficient. 

The incentives are starting to go away in some states now (2021).  This calendar year many of the major utilities implemented a reduction in their incentives.  We see this trend continuing as more solar and wind generation comes online. Now is a good time to look into what you can do to reduce your energy costs and maximize your utility incentive in the process.

How We Help You with Your Lighting Project
  1. Meet with your team to get their feedback.  

  2. Survey your site ourselves, gathering important data and measurements.  

  3. Our engineers design the most efficient LED lighting system to achieve your goals. 

  4. Engage the utility to maximize the incentive money for the project.

  5. Provide a very detailed energy and financial analysis that we present to your decision-making team.

  6. Install the new lighting system, and properly recycle old lighting.

  7. Return to further optimize energy savings and utility incentives, with Networked Lighting Controls.

SUSTAINABILITY: Powering Sustainability

We have found there is a lot of talk around sustainability, but very little action.  When a business reduces its energy consumption, it is reducing its carbon footprint.  We help our clients understand and market it to their local communities, so they understand how our client has become a better environmental steward.  


Having a plan and taking action is so important and meaningful in sustainability work.  Yet, we find far too few of our clients have started structuring and implementing a sustainability plan.  Decarbonizing your operations, supply chain and embedding business sustainability at the heart of your organization is important and required to properly take on climate change. 


We meet with your sustainability team to discuss your goals and schedule an action plan to start working on lowering your company's carbon footprint.  This is a journey, not a sprint, and we will help establish a sustainability plan that focuses on meeting the needs of the present and slowly works towards the company’s long-term sustainability goals.  


The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people.

Our goal is to provide meaningful measures that your company can implement to track and record your company's carbon footprint.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help, please email us at

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