Networked Lighting



Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) with Intelligent LED Fixtures is best described as a Smartphone compared to the legacy Flip Phone. Lighting is a critical contributor to a company's productivity, quality, energy efficiency, and safety. NLC is a total lighting, energy, and operations solution that will evolve with your company and operational needs. With a canopy of intelligent LED fixtures, strategically placed sensors, and evolving software, you will no longer have the challenge of controlling, customizing, maintaining, and other key operational metrics.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Today, there is a good chance that your home has a programmable thermostat that you have scheduled to maintain a proper temperature throughout the day and night. What our company does is something similar but we layer in multiple energy devices and have them all controlled by one software, one dashboard. This approach allows us to reduce massive amounts of energy waste in our client’s facility and provide real-time data and insights for key operational metrics.


The Value of Networked Lighting Controls:

Maximum Energy Savings

With automated and customizable settings, Networked Lighting Controls save an average of 47% more energy over LED alone. You can save up to 90% on lighting energy costs by making the switch to NLC. Think of it this way - if an LED-only solution saves $40,000.00 Annually, the LED with NLC solution will save $58,800.00. The additional $18,800.00/year is $188,800.00 in savings over the first 10-years of the lighting system’s life. Over the lifetime of the NLC Lighting System, savings total over $530,000.00, not including the increases in energy prices we will undoubtedly see in the coming years.

Higher Utility Incentives

Until Networked Lighting Controls become a code requirement in the not-so-distant future, Michigan utilities offer some of the best, if not the best, incentive programs in the country. Why? Because the utilities want to reduce the amount of kWh they need to make, and Networked Lighting Controls with LEDs is one of the best ways to reduce energy waste in facilities. The additional cost of the Networked Lighting Controls is often offset by the Utility Incentive and generally speaking pays for itself in the 1st Year of the project's life. 

Increase The Life of Your LED Fixtures & Your Lighting System

Unlike fluorescent or metal halide lighting, LEDs aren't negatively affected when dimmed or turned on and off. In fact, by doing so, you extend the useful life of the fixtures and implement a project with a life expectancy of over 25 years, maximizing your investment. LED with NLC has a rated life of 250,000 plus hours compared to 100,000 hours of an LED without NLC.

Control, Data & Insights

Lighting is an untapped asset that is widely overlooked in today's industrial and commercial facilities. Think about it. Lighting is the only thing that truly oversees every inch of your facility, and it can provide you with the essential data and insights you need to maximize production, efficiency and be more competitive.

Beyond Illumination

When you implement the right NLC solution, you implement a system that will grow and evolve with your business, helping to futureproof your operation. Beyond the illumination of your facility, NLC can monitor, alert, and provide real-time data and insights on every aspect of the operation.

Asset tracking


Lighting overlooks every inch of your facility, making it the perfect vessel to provide Location, Track, Count, Geo-Fencing, and Alarms for your assets using Bluetooth tags. Using asset tracking saves time, money, identifies choke points, and reduces congestion in the production line. Whether it’s saving time when you’re looking for the closest forklift, locating a product in the warehouse, or stopping a tool from leaving the premises; Asset Tracking will help your operation maximize efficiency and data.

Equipment Monitoring & Alerts:

Monitoring and using the Occupancy Data gathered from your intelligent lighting system to power down or power on equipment for automated savings and efficiency. With OBLC, there are significant energy waste reductions and cost savings when controlling Man Fans, Conveyors, Dust Collectors, and more, based on occupancy of the area. OBLC not only extends the life of your equipment, but it also extends your bottom line with simple paybacks averaging 6-months.

Occupancy-Based Load Control (OBLC)

Networked Lighting Controls allows you to monitor and measure key metrics throughout your facility and operation, and report them back in seconds to your phone or email.  Your team members will no longer have to walk the floor gathering data, only to go back to the desk and put it into a report. With strategically placed sensors and devices, you can read the temperature, moisture, decibel level, vibration, energy use, surface temperature, air quality, and more. These metrics all reporting seamlessly with one dashboard allows our clients to be on the defensive side of maintenance and workplace environmental issues, helping them avoid downtime, breakdowns, quality issues, and even high turnover rates.

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