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Brembo Brakes

Brembo is a global leader in the design, development, and production of braking systems and components for cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles, and machinery, for OE market, after-market, and racing.

The Brembo North America Team in Homer, Michigan contracted Energy Design Engineers to help with reducing operating costs, improve the work environment, and help them achieve their annual sustainability goal.

Designing and implementing an Intelligent LED with Networked Lighting Controls solution, we helped Brembo exceed its goals. Nominated by Consumers Energy as 2019 Project of Year, the final design removes 1.7 MegaWatts of energy waste each year for Brembo Brakes. The Brembo team now has total control of light levels and lighting behaviors which allowed us to increase light levels by 40% to meet and in some areas, exceed OSHA standards.

Additionally, Brembo now has new insights and abilities with facility traffic trends, occupancy, facility temperature, moisture, air quality, decibel levels and can even turn motors off and on automatically based on the area's occupancy to further automate their energy savings and sustainability.

Project Results: Advanced Lighting Control Solution

360,000 ft²

Total Square Footage


Ten Year Return on Investment


Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided


Total Incentive Received

1.37 Years

Simple Payback Period


Baseline kWh/year


Post Project kWh/year


kWh Saved/year


% Saved from Lighting Retrofit


% Saved through Implementing control Systems


% of Project Paid By Utility

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