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BuhlerPrince and Energy Design Engineers had two core objectives with this project; to reduce energy waste and reduce BuhlerPrince carbon footprint.

BuhlerPrince lighting with Network Controls implementation provided significant cost reductions, a much improved work environment, reduced the plants lighting maintenance costs and removes over 281 Metric Tons of Carbon Emission annually.

Additionally the project proved the following results:

- Reduced their Lighting Energy Load from 19% down to 3% of their total monthly energy bill.
- Reduced fixtures counts by 17% (Reduced cost of the project and improved energy waste reduction)
- Implemented a lighting solution that requires virtually no maintenance throughout a life expectancy over 25-Years.
- Provided BuhlerPrince with total control over plant light levels, lighting behaviors and more.

Project Results: Advanced Lighting Control Solution

121,140 ft²

Total Square Footage


Ten Year Return on Investment


Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided


Total Incentive Received

3.39 Years

Simple Payback Period


Baseline kWh/year


Post Project kWh/year


kWh Saved/year


% Saved from Lighting Retrofit


% Saved through Implementing control Systems


% of Project Paid By Utility

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