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Camshaft Machine

Camshaft Machine Company, LLC, in Jackson, Michigan – Energy Design Engineers is pleased to announce the completion of a Smart LED Lighting project that encompassed offices, plant, and exterior lighting. Camshaft Machine, a leading manufacturer of internal combustion engine and fuel system camshafts for automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, and stationary engines was seeking to reduce energy waste, reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs. Camshaft Machine accomplished all three of their goals with their 2021 Lighting project.
By replacing their legacy fluorescent lighting with Smart LED Lighting and adding Networked Lighting Controls, Camshaft Machine not only reduced their lighting energy load by changing to LED by 40%, but they also saved an additional 40% by implementing Network Lighting Controls to their LED lights. The project was enhanced by Consumers Energy incentives, where Network Lighting Controls added an additional $28,000.00 of incentive money to the project.

Project Results: Advanced Lighting Control Solution

125,000 ft²

Total Square Footage


Ten Year Return on Investment


Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided


Total Incentive Received

1.78 Years

Simple Payback Period


Baseline kWh/year


Post Project kWh/year


kWh Saved/year


% Saved from Lighting Retrofit


% Saved through Implementing control Systems


% of Project Paid By Utility

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