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Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc. (MACI), located in Parma, Michigan, is a world-class manufacturer of automotive air conditioning compressors with magnetic clutch. After reviewing several solutions to increase light levels and maximize energy waste reduction, MACI chose Energy Design Engineers' LED with Networked Lighting Controls to start the project 800,000 ft² of their 1,019,000 ft² plant.

With MACI's goals set to improve light levels, safety, and bottomline while reducing the facilities carbon footprint, EDE was called in to design and implement the solution. EDE and MACI's operations and maintenance team worked together to design the right solution which would meet and or exceed their needs so the system could evolve with the company. In the end, the project proves an improved light levels of 50% or more in most areas of the facility, and provided MACI with an annual savings of over $95,000.00–

Additionally, the intelligent lighting system (IIoT) solution provides increased safety & operations data through intelligent LED fixtures, sensors and NLC software. MACI truly maximized the investment with Networked Lighting Controls, as the intelligent LED lighting system has an expected life expectancy over 30-Years.

To date, Energy Design Engineers and MACI work together to continue their energy waste reduction through additional Networked Light Controls Projects, Compressed Air Leak Audits and other IIoT opportunities.

Project Results: Advanced Lighting Control Solution

800,000 ft²

Total Square Footage


Ten Year Return on Investment


Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided


Total Incentive Received

3.76 Years

Simple Payback Period


Baseline kWh/year


Post Project kWh/year


kWh Saved/year


% Saved from Lighting Retrofit


% Saved through Implementing control Systems


% of Project Paid By Utility

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