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Grow & Greenhouse Facilities

Lighting in farming is complicated for a lot of different reasons. Unfortunately, Farmers typically choose to use the most expensive lighting to operate. Farmers like the idea of LED lighting but don't trust it and or had a bad experience because they purchased a few cheap fixtures off the internet or from a local farm store.

LED Grow Lights

Energy Design Engineers provides factory-direct LED Grow Lighting pricing.  Consider buying your grow lighting from a company that has sold LED lighting since 2008.  Energy Design Engineers have been the leaders in delivering smart LED lighting, and now we are using this same technology and knowledge to help greenhouses and others with their growing operations.

Europe has been one of the global leaders in LED grow lights for large-scale vegetable growing. Their yields are often double that of a nursery or greenhouse.  Today, Energy Design Engineers has factory direct pricing available for a wide variety of LED grow lights and controls.  We can monitor soil moisture, automatically water plants that require water, and much more to help your plants stay healthy and happy.

If you need lighting for vegetables, flowers, or marijuana growing we can help in the following ways:

  1. Provide factory direct pricing.  We cut out the middle man, tell us what you want and let us give you a price.  Energy Design Engineers is one of the largest purchasers of LED lighting in the Midwest.

  2. Provide our design services to help you create the most efficient design.

  3. Provide controls to help your grow facility be more automated. Do you want to know when to water your plants based on the soil moisture levels, we can do that.

  4. Provide performance comparisons from one lighting system to another.

  5. Provide utility incentive projections, ROI, and cost of ownership data for your project.

Farm Lighting

Dairy and beef farms each require different types and amounts of lighting. Lighting is very important to the production of eggs and beef cattle.  The proper color and amount of light can increase a farmer's production by 20% plus. For more information on LED for Dairy and Beef farms, take a look at this article:

Study Shows Dairy Cows Prefer LED Lights

Not A Fan of The Dark? Neither Are Cows

Poultry requires approximately 50-lux or 5-footcandles of light, not much; however, when light levels fall below this, the birds become very uncomfortable. Poultry likes a CRI of 80, and anything below this makes it difficult for the birds to distinguish each other and may increase aggression. For more information on LED Lighting for Poultry, take a look at this article:

Properties of LED light can boost poultry production and profits

EDE has an engineer who works with farmers on their lighting needs to improve animals' health, lower energy costs, and eliminate lighting maintenance. EDE carries a full line of lighting products specifically for farmers, including lighting controls that measure temperature, moisture when needed, and durable products that stand up to the most challenging environments. Energy Design Engineers help every client with the local utility rebates to ensure your farm receives the maximum rebate and lowest project cost.

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