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Office Buildings

The math is straightforward when it comes to office buildings. The average light fixture (2 x 2 or 2 x 4 troffer) in an office building over 12 hours has 40% occupancy. This means for approximately 60% of the day, that fixture has no one working in its general area.

Today (March 2020), most office fixtures are 3-lamp fluorescent T8 lamps, approximately 96W of energy per hour. The LED fixture that Energy Design Engineers use most often to replace this 96W fixture is a 46W fixture with advanced lighting controls. What the advanced lighting controls allow us to do is dim down, or high end trim the office fixtures, so they are at 30 - 40% power in most locations, or 29W - 38W while there is occupancy, for the balance of the day Energy Design Engineers can shut off the fixture or dim it to 10%, or 10W. When you study these numbers and add the generous utility incentives for this work, the math quickly adds up to an attractive project for the landlord.

Not only does the landlord win, but his tenants receive a better working environment and greater job satisfaction. Consider that 60% of all employees complain about the lighting in their workspace as reported by the American Society of Interior Design. A number of different studies have pointed out that happy team members/employees are 12% more productive.

If you are interested in significantly reducing your operating costs and improving your tenant retention levels, give us a call to discuss how Energy Design Engineers can work together to achieve these goals.

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