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Energy Design Engineers is a small company that has a big impact in the areas we work.  Since 2008, we have been a leader in delivering new technology to reduce energy waste, improve our clients' carbon footprint and make their facilities a better place to work. 

We are a leader in delivering smart LED lighting, HVAC, and optimizing compressed air systems.  We are big believers in solar and energy storage and look forward to helping our clients and communities in these areas.

Our primary focus for reducing energy waste is in the following areas:​

  • Occupancy Based Load Control 

  • Solar and Energy Storage

  • Lighting

  • HVAC 

  • Compressed Air

How We Work





Discovery Survey

Site Visit


First, we find your energy waste through a discovery survey and site visit, then we design and engineer energy smart solutions for your facility.

Next, we Help find cost-effective funding for your project and maximizing your utility incentive money to drive the best possible project ROI and lowest Cost of Ownership. Followed by the Implementation of our strategies to bring them to life

Finally, we fine-tune software and systems to maximize your savings and eliminate as much energy waste as possible. Using utility-grade meters and software for accurate data, we deliver reports for our clients whenever they want it.

Why Choose Energy Design Engineers?


Metric Tons of CO2 Reduction


in kWh Savings


In Incentives for our Customers


In savings for our
first-year clients

  • Honor God in all that Energy Design Engineers do and remember he deserves all the glory for our success  

  • Take GREAT CARE of those who take care of us (Team Members and Contractors)

  • Work Intelligently, but NEVER forget hard work and discipline take a backseat to NOTHING

  • EXCEED our Client's expectations with everything Energy Design Engineers does... always putting the relationship in front of profits. 

  • Hire and employ people who have a strong passion to help others and save our planet.

  • Give back to our community and work with inner-city youth to help them develop skills and an attitude for future success, so they can succeed in the real world.   

  • Hit first and hard 

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Continue to be a leader in the current categories of work, but also expand/grow into new areas to help our clients reduce waste and their carbon footprint.

Energy Design Engineers help create intelligent buildings that use less gas, electricity, and human inefficiency.  Our clients know their carbon footprint and are working to get to carbon neutral.  Their carbon footprint is on their main company dashboard. 

Our Vision

Our Advantage

Data - We have 100-million sq ft of projects under-roof, and thousands of clients helping us as we help them, by providing us with data.  This data is what allows us to make future projects better.  Our solutions are rich with touchpoints and sensor technology that provides our clients and our company with important feedback/knowledge.  

Results - We flat out deliver on our promised results.  In an industry where this can be difficult to do for so many companies.

Engineering and Project Design - This is our secret sauce, and this comes back to the data we have collected on what works and what doesn’t work.  Our work reduces more energy waste and has a lower cost of ownership - period.    

Technology - Today one of the lighting solutions we implement tracks assets, provides geo-fencing, measures temperature, and much more...yes, this is all done through an advanced canopy of sensors in the LED light fixtures.  10-years ago we were selling lighting technology, that our competition is just starting to sell today (2021).  Bottom line,  Energy Design Engineers deliver technology that results in 30 - 40% greater energy savings than 98% of our competitors.  

Project Financing - today companies require different financial vehicles to successfully launch new projects.  Some want off-balance-sheet financing, others want a short-term lease and others want to pay for the improvements through their utility bill.  Energy Design Engineers offer all these models and more, and many of our clients qualify for  0% - 1.9% financing.  The overwhelming percent of our projects that do finance are cash flow positive each month.

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