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Energy Project Financing

This special financing is often through State and Federal Financing programs and often offered by local utilities partnering with their States.  Why use your CAPX money, when money is available at such low cost, and with such a high payback.  Energy-financed projects most often have a positive cash flow, actually saving the company money each month.  Why pay this money to your utility, when you could effectively put it back into your bank account.  


Turning rising energy costs into business opportunities is something Energy Design Engineers have done for several years.  We show our clients positive cash flow opportunities with no out-of-pocket expense.  

State & Local Green Energy Financing 

These programs are low-interest financing, often in the 1.9% range, and for smaller projects, 0% financing is available in some states.  Knowing where to find these programs and their value compared to others is how Energy Design Engineers help so many of our clients.

High ROI projects should never be overlooked or postponed because the company lacks operating capital.  Today with many utility incentives at all-time highs and rumors of cutbacks in coming years, now may be the opportune time to save your company thousands monthly on your energy bills. 

Low-Interest Green Operating Leases  

This low-interest financing option does offer a positive monthly cash flow.  All this means that realized energy savings are used to pay for all the efficiencies and upgrades. There is no capital required, immediate operating income is generated from these programs, often adding thousands of dollars per month to a company's bottom line.   

Utility Financing 

We work with all the different utilities and they all don’t provide the same incentives or project financing.  Some of these programs are off-balance sheets, and others are not.  Some can be combined with other projects to gain additional incentive money, and some can not.  It really pays to know what your utility is providing and how to find more project financing at the State and local levels. 

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