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Design and Engineering Services

We work closely with our clients in the design and build phase of their new facilities to ensure they are designing the most energy-efficient facility possible. 

An important service we provide is solving problems with air quality issues (smoke, dust, and dirt).  Too much dirt, dust, and smoke in the air can quickly clog up air filters and start damaging equipment.  We solve these problems every month and do so cost-effectively and get the local utility involved with financial support for the project.    


New lighting system design is an area where we are a leader and have been for several years. 

If you are adding on to an existing building or building a new stand-alone building, we can help you design and implement new intelligent ZigBee (Smart) LED lighting that will not only reduce energy waste, but also help you track assets, read the temperature, vibration, and moisture, help with safety and occupancy data, and much more.

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