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Education Facilities

LED lighting and Networked Lighting Controls today allow educational institutions to reduce their energy loads by 40 – 50% and provide a classroom that produces more energy for the students. There is plenty of research now showing the value of light in the classroom.

U.S. schools spend over $7.5 Billion each year on energy. This cost of energy is higher for the schools than the cost of all the books, paper supplies, furniture, and computers combined. The long-life LED fixtures, and advanced lighting controls eliminate the need for lighting maintenance for 20+ years. Finally, by removing the older fluorescent lighting, the school is also removing any risk of PCB's or mercury exposure from this older legacy lighting, the school becomes a better environmental steward.

If your school is seeking a comprehensive review of its lighting and would like to learn more about how LED and advanced lighting controls could help your school(s), please contact us.

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