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Food Manufactures

Food manufacturer's lighting is traditionally inadequate, below 30-footcandles. At EDE Energy Design Engineers are retrofitting and designing for new construction projects 50 - 100 footcandles (F.C.) of light as the prescribed light level. Energy Design Engineers see, on average 15 - 25 F.C. in all our initial site surveys with our new clients. Poor light levels make it very difficult or, in many cases, impossible to see small fragments, such as hair, plastic, and more in the food manufacturing process.

Energy Design Engineers find one of the biggest mistakes food manufacturers make is leaving lights, exhaust fans, chillers, and other motors operating when there is no production or sorting in these areas. This bad habit goes away by installing advanced lighting controls. Our clients quickly have all the data they need to see their actual operations and make the necessary changes to save them thousands monthly.

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